Afterschool at Joppa: Into the Abyss

This week's program will be about the ocean's Abyss! The abyssopelagic layer starts at a depth around 12000 feet and ends at the ocean floor or the 'Abyssal Plain' a completely darkened habitat under extreme pressure with pressure consistently just above freezing. The creatures that live at these depths have adapted to survive the extremes of the zone and include the angler fish, the viper fish and the giant squid.

Our afternoon starts off with self-guided activities, challenges, or puzzles that lead us to our topic for the day. As a group, we'll observe, investigate, and compare wildlife, their adaptations, and the changes that they undergo in autumn. Participants may play the role of entomologist, ornithologist, astronomer, or even glaciologist throughout this series. Each experience will leave your young naturalist eager for the next session. 

  • This program is open to children in grades 1 through 4, aged 6-8.
  • Parents are welcome to stay during this program.
  • Please dress for the weather since we will go outside in all but extreme conditions.

If you will be dropping off your child, please complete and submit the health form that accompanies your registration confirmation.

Photo By: 

Image by Bruce Strickrott, Expedition to the Deep Slope & NOAA

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 3:30 - 5pm
Member Children : $11
Non-Member Children: $15