North Shore Kid Stories

Annika McKenna gorgeous jewelry best holiday gift for women
In time for the upcoming holiday season, I’m happy to find Annika McKenna, SeaSalt Design, handmade jewelry. A talented, local artist with a studio here on the north shore, Annika creates unique collections of handmade Sterling and Fine Silver jewelry inspired by nature. * On Black Friday any purchase over $50 will receive a free seaglass pendant. * Cyber Monday will be a free pair of freshwater pearl earrings with any purchase.
Sparhawk School: Big Art for Little Humans PreK Classes
Join us for this special parent & child art class series on Wednesday mornings at the Sparhawk School with Catherine Kulik, the Sparhawk Elementary & Middle School art teacher. Your child will explore diverse ways of creating art and experiment with new, engaging materials while learning about line, color, texture and notable works of art. This class is sure to engage their sensory skills as well as their innate curiosity about the visual world around them.  Each class is limited to ten children and runs for 5 week sessions.  This class is absolutely free!
Holiday Travel tips for families
By Amy Lage. How did it become mid November?  Wasn’t I just chasing my children around the beach and cleaning up melted ice cream?  Thanksgiving is just days away and Christmas and Hanukkah are a few weeks later.  It’s almost time to break out the Christmas Tree and the Menorah.  Whoo hoo!  Who doesn’t love the holiday season? 
Find books for children north of Boston. Fundraisers, parties and storytime with
Jana Harris is currently scheduling Barefoot Book Parties, Storytime and Fundraisering events for Fall and Winter 2014/2015. Share stories, connect families, inspire children and earn amazing host rewards. Free books!  Find and enjoy books, games, puppets and puzzles that will stay with your family for years to come. Jana Harris - 978-304-9028.
Tom Ellis and Collin Keegean at the helm of Schooner Thomas E. Lannon
Take a moment and explore this unique kickstarter campaign featuring a young boy named Collin Keegan, his love of science and an extraordinary drive to share what he learns with other kids. "Science All Around Us" is a concept for an educational series that explores how things work and why from the perspective of a kid who wants to reach other kids on a global scale.  Twenty minute episodes will start start with Collin focusing on an every-day problem that can be solved using scientific methods and ideas. The founding idea for the entire project is that kids can and should teach other kids.
Birthday party at Laser Quest Danvers MA
Perfect for kids, teenagers and adults; celebrate at Laser Quest in Danvers where all your friends and family can join in the excitement! Planning a birthday party is easy at Laser Quest. Call to learn more. 978-762-8778
Visit Plymouth Rock and the Plimoth Plantation this Thanksgiving Holiday
We are so close to Plymouth that it's worth a visit over the next few weeks so the kids can see and experience the history that they learn in school.  Check out Pilgrim Memorial State Park , home to the Mayflower II and the Plymouth Rock, then head down the road to Plimoth Plantation to experience pilgrim life as it was back in the 17th century. Plymouth is easy to get to from the North Shore, take 93 South to Route 3 South, you can't miss it!
Anybody can enter the 7th Annual Wenham Museum Gingerbread Contest!
All are invited to enter the 8th Annual Gingerbread Building Contest at the Wenham Museum! Individuals or groups of any experience level and any age are welcome to submit their creation as part of this years contest for display at this year's Gingerbread Express.
Sleep tips for children from pediatric sleep experts
Well Rested Baby Sleep Tip: Who’s afraid of the dark? A newborn?  Nope.  A 13 month old?  Not likely.  A 2 year old?  Could be.  When a child wakes up in the middle of the night and is very upset, as a caring parent you of course worry about what is causing this behavior.  Could your child be afraid?  If so, what could be causing this fear?  If your child is under 2 years old, their behavior is most certainly not due to the darkness in their room as they just are not capable of fearing the dark yet.  If your two year old has suddenly started asking for a light to be left on and seems genuinely scared to be in the dark – then they likely are.  So how do you know if your child is afraid and what can you do to ease that fear?  And why wouldn’t we just turn on the light?
A Safe Halloween is a Happy Halloween!
Dressing up in a costume to go ask for free candy from anybody with a porch light on is a kids dream!  With these easy to follow tips and guidelines, having Halloween turn into a nightmare will be the farthest thing from everybody's mind. Talk to your kids about safety before they go out Trick or Treating and remind them that the best way to stay out of danger is to be aware of their surroundings!