Youth and Family Rowing Program

Youth and Family Rowing Program

In rowing, like most sports, equipment size really matters.  For a long time, this limited rowing to high schoolers and adults.  With the creation of the Little Sculling Boat, the world of sliding seat rowing is now open to the youngest of athletes.

Kindersculls is a traveling, half-day summer camp for 4-9 year olds with two specially trained coaches, a trailer full of little shells, and boatloads of fun.

Using size-specific equipment, we have developed an instructional program designed to produce happy and confident scullers in a week's time. Each day includes warm-ups and stretching, lessons in equipment handling, safety, and sculling technique, a craft project, and lots and lots of rowing.

The KinderSculls program is the result of 27 years of coaching experience and makes safety its first priority.   All participants, whether swimmers or not, wear life-vests whenever they are on or near the water. Our boats are rigged to specifically make life-vest use practical and comfortable.

Participation is limited to 16 athletes per week (8 in the morning session, and 8 in the afternoon session) in order to maintain our 1:4 coach to athlete ratio.

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