Shoe Pond Walkway

The majority of this walkway is on private property owned by the Cummings Center. An easy place to begin the loop is at the McKeown School, located on Balch Street. Visitors may park in this parking lot and take the pathway with the Shoe Pond to the right. This pathway curves around the pond and eventually crosses over a small bridge. Once over the bridge, the visitor must climb a set of stairs, which will bring him to McKay Street. The walkway turns right, keeping the pond to your right. To complete the loop, take a right on Balch Street, which will lead back to the McKeown School parking lot.

The Shoe Pond is located in a relatively urbanized area that is densely developed. However, there are several different species of birds and plants that call the pond home. During the typical workday hours, professionals from the Cummings Center office park often stroll around the pond or eat lunch at one of the picnic tables located along the path.

Visitors may park in the McKeown Elementary School parking lot or in the Cummings Center parking area nearest the pond.


Shoe Pond Walkway
McKay Street and Balch Street
Around the Shoe Pond
Bevelry , MA
Coordinates: 42° 33' 42.1416" N, 70° 53' 24.09" W


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