Glen Urquhart School K-8 Open Classrooms + Tours

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Tomorrow’s world is going to demand very different kinds of things of our children. Fortunately, Glen Urquhart is a very different kind of school.
At Glen Urquhart, learning isn’t confined to a book, a classroom, or even our 23-acre campus. For GUS kids, learning starts from within. When children leave GUS, they go as original thinkers with the academic readiness to meet the demands of the most rigorous high schools and colleges, and the global perspective to succeed in the new world.

When we look into the faces of our students, from the tiniest kindergartner to the most familiar 8th grader, we see individuals who  have a unique path before them, and we see the opportunity, responsibility, and privilege of helping those children dream, achieve, and succeed.

At Glen Urquhart, world-class academics and a world-wise curriculum help young minds that are open to everything develop into
exceptional global citizens who are ready for anything.

Glen Urquhart School, originally the North Shore Middle School, was founded in 1977 by Lynne Warren. The impetus for the founding of the school was a desire to provide an educational program that goes beyond traditional schooling and aims at the integration of intellectual, creative, and aesthetic learning. Glen Urquhart School is a co-educational, independent day school for grades K through 8 with a tradition of excellence since 1977.Small student/teacher ratio

  • Two teachers in each lower school classroom
  • Innovative math curriculum
  • Integrated, thematic curriculum
  • State of the art technology
  • Award winning community service program

Glen Urquhart School encourages children to:

  • Explore their intellects and develop their imaginations,
  • Pose questions as often as they devise solutions,
  • Speak individually yet work collaboratively,
  • Discover the best within themselves,
  • Respect all people and value their differences,
  • Act responsibly in our community and in the world

Learn more about all that Glen Urquhart School has to offer by attending an open house. At Open House you can speak directly with our talented faculty about our program, tour our campus with current student and parent guides who will share their unique experiences at GUS, and learn more about the value of a GUS education.

  • Thursday, November 16, 2017, 9 a.m.

For information or a personal tour, please call Kristie Gonzalez, Director of Admission, 978-927-1064, ext. 115 •

"When deciding on the best place to send our son, I was baffled and overwhelmed by the options and the social, economic, and curricular repercussions. However, one visit to Glen Urquhart School changed everything. I could see immediately that in this environment he would not just 'attend' or 'learn.' I knew that I could trust Glen Urquhart to go beyond those expectations. I knew that he would be allowed and encouraged to flourish. There is a very tangible sense of belonging and a rare quality that goes beyond the standard private school mentality. Like most things extraordinary, it’s difficult to categorize—hard to pin down—what that quality is exactly. Glen Urquhart School is uniquely ‘GUS’ and this was evident to me the first time I set foot in the building. That uniquely GUS feeling has never let up, only intensified, every time I walk in the school.”
-Glen Urquhart School Parent

Thursday, November 16, 2017, 9 a.m.