Suited for Space Exhibition at ATHM

The American Textile History Museum presents Smithsonian's 'Suited for Space'!

The American Textile History Museum in Lowell presents 'Suited for Space' - an exhibit dedicated to the exploration of space and the clothing that made it possible!  This exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum invites you to explore the world of 'wearable spacecraft' and discover the solutions that enabled astronauts to stay alive in the extreme conditions of orbital space and beyond.

Journey through the history of space suit design from the earliest high pressure suits to the familiar suit design of the Apollo and Skylab missions. 

'Suited fro Space' features large-scale photographs of space suits by Smithsonian photographer Mark Avino, as well as new X-ray images by Avino and Ronald Cunningham that provide a unique view of the interiors of the space suits. It also features a replica Apollo space suit on loan from NASA and objects from the National Air and Space Museum’s collection.  Visitors can examine unusual details of every suit, get up close and personal with objects and artifacts, take a photograph “wearing” an Apollo suit – and even walk in Buzz Aldrin’s footsteps on the gallery floor.

“Suited for Space is a truly remarkable exhibition exploring how textiles are transformed into a ‘wearable spacecraft’ capable of keeping astronauts alive and safe as they hurtle through space,” says ATHM President Jonathan Stevens. “These space suits are a brilliant example of how textiles have transformed the way we live our lives, thanks to the creativity, willingness and determination of innovators who refused to accept failure as an option.”

Come explore and let your kids see the technology and science that is literally woven into the fabric of these suits.  You may just unlock their inner astronaut!

Now through March 3, 2013