Farm Fresh Yogurt at Appleton Farms

Farm Fresh Yogurt is now available at Appleton Farms in Ipswich

A lot of great things have happened at Appleton Farms in 2012, most notably establishing their dairy operation and open their farm store to the public. Milk produced by the farm's Jersey Cow herd was sold as soon as the store opened, followed by an offering of cheeses earlier this fall.  To round out the product line, they just started selling farm-fresh yogurt!  

The milk is fantastic and has a full body that can only be found in fresh milk.  This milk is also used to create all the other dairy products offered at the farm store - soft spreadable cheeses, butter, harder cheeses like cheddar, and now the yogurt which comes greek style. You can also pick up fresh eggs, beef and other locally sourced food from the North Shore at the store, so be sure to make this a weekly stop!  You're family will love the better taste and you'll rest easier knowing that you provided the best local food available to the ones you love!