MIT Open Course Ware for High School Students

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Did you know that MIT offers a huge catalog of free online courses where you can dive right in and start expanding your horizons right the comfort of your own home? They offer over 2000 courses ranging from Sciences & Humantities to Management & Engineering. The courses are open to anybody who wishes to try them. MIT has also developed a course selection for teens looking to get a taste of what MIT has to offer, become better students and help them prepare for their AP exams.

There are Introductory course recommendations for high school students that include multiple selections in:

Students can take the courses at their leisure through MIT Open Course Ware, and have other options available to them as well.  There are exam preparation tools in the sciences to aid students in their AP test studies, High School Courses developed by MIT, and hands on opportunities like labs, competitions & demonstration videos.

Into building stuff?  Take a course in Practical Electronics or even Toy Product Design from the MIT TOY Lab.  You can also build your own board game in the Game Design course, or get a head start on your robot army with Introduction to Robotics.

Do you have a higher calling and feel a need to save the world?  You can take courses based on MIT's continuing mission to develop sustainable solutions to challenging problems through design like demining war zones past and present, designing solutions for underserved communities, or discussing developing information technology in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Courses are also offered to help students become better writers.  The courses cover technical writing, writing for the internet, short stories, play writing and essays.  These courses are designed to help students be on track as they enter the world of higher education.  Courses, study materials from other courses and guides with writing tips and tricks are all part of this offering.  Students will benefit from having the self confidence to communicate what they learn with their professors and fellow students, and by developing a critical communication skill as they grow into adults.

MIT's Outreach Directory makes resources available to individuals and families to encourage children to learn science and math, develop their interest in inventing, study physical sciences, and broaden their horizons as they navigate their way through elementary and high school years.

So check out the what MIT has to offer your kids, and browse the course catalog for yourself!  You may find something you've always wanted to learn about, or acquire a MIT certificate in a skill that will help further your own career!

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