Skating on the North Shore

Ice Skating on the North Shore includes ponds, lakes, & indoor and outdoor rinks

What is the winter season without ice skating? Grab your skates and helmets and get ready, the ice skating season in underway. For kids and adults it is an accessible and fun way for everyone to work off some energy and have a great time in the process.

Skating gets the kids out of the house and moving around, just at the time when the playgrounds are too chilly for outdoor adventures. Ice skating is also a great way to explore new places, and experience the natural beauty of Winter on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  When the sky is blue and there is a little nip in the air there is nothing better than twirling your way across a frozen pond, rink or backyard ice skating rink

All of the local skating rinks offer ice skating lessons and ice skating birthday parties and almost all of them offer ice hockey. If you're really into ice skating, consider joining one of the many North Shore Skating Clubs.

Here's a list of places to ice skate, indoors and outdoors, in North Shore towns north of Boston, Massachusetts: Before skating on an outdoor pond in an unfamiliar area, check with the local police department to make sure that you are not trespassing, and that the ice is safe.

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