Minecraft Club at Newbury Library

Kids can learn Minecraft skill from others at the Newbury Town Library!

“Can you teleport me?” “How do I fly?” “I need a sword!” “What are you building?” These exclamations are the sounds of a room full of kids playing Minecraftedu. Welcome to Minecraft Club! Every Thursday afternoon from 3:30-5pm, children ages 8-11 get together on our library’s laptops to play one of the world’s hottest and most creative video games. Both new and experienced players are invited to attend.

* If your child can bring his/her own laptop but you see the class is full, please email me - there's a good chance we can make a little extra room! Laptops are required to have the most updated version of Java. At this time, iPads are not able to run Minecraftedu. 

Thursdays, October 12 - November 16, 2017 3:30-5pm