Reid's Ride Bike-a-thon

Reid's Ride is a annual fundraiser to help young adults with cancer!

Reid's Ride is a true North Shore event where participants travel at their own pace along the town and country roads of Essex County to travel from Lynnfield to Gloucester, Massachusetts.  This annual fundraiser ride is 28 miles and is perfect for all ages and abilities because it's not a race, its a ride, and participants are encouraged to ride according to their ability. At the end of the ride, participants are greeted with food, refreshements, music and prizes! Register before May 1st and save $25 on the registration fee!

Proceeds from Reid’s Ride support programs designed to improve the prognosis and treatment of adolescents and young adults with cancer.   These programs attack AYA Cancer on four fronts:  Basic Research, Improved Access to Clinical Trials, Specialized Clinical Care During and After Treatment, and Medical Education.

If you want to ride, you can register as late as the morning of the event.  If you don't want to ride, you can help by sponsoring a team or rider!

Bike Rentals Available

Urban AdvenTours - Boston Bicycle Tours and Rentals, will again be offering free delivery for bikes reserved prior to Reid's Ride. UrbanAdvenTours will be delivering the rental bikes to the starting line at Lynnfield High School and picking them up after the event at Stage FortPark. THERE IS A LIMITED SUPPLY OF BIKES.  So, If you wish to take advantage of this service, you MUST reserve a bike in advance.  Please call UrbanAdvenTours at 617-670-0637 to reserve a bike for Reid's Ride.

Reid's Ride History

Reid's Ride is the main fund-raising event for the Reid Sacco Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Fund.  The fund is dedicated to supporting clinical and scientific research into finding better treatments -- and someday a cure -- for the cancers that strike adolescents and young adults.  It is acknowledged by the medical community worldwide that this population of cancer victims has not benefited from the advances in cancer treatment and survival rates as have other age groups.  It is a gap into which Reid and young adult cancer patients like him found themselves, willing to fight but without an army of options to help.

Your donations are helping to close that disparity, by allowing the Fund to support innovative programs designed to make sure this age group is not left behind.  For the past 6 years the Fund has supported such a program, the Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Program, in a collaboration between Connecticut Children's Medical Center and a number of adult cancer treatment centers in Hartford. 

Your participation in Reid's Ride will help these initiatives exand their reach in providing AYA clinical care, education, awareness, and hope for a brighter future!


Sunday, July 17, 2016 7am
Arrive early to register that day.