Elementary School

STEM at work at Glen Urquhart School in Beverly

At Glen Urquhart School in Beverly, MA sixth grader students design and engineer robotic Mars Rovers out of Lego systems. Students research NASA and they use Mars Curiosity Rover - Jet Propulsion Laboratory  to select such tasks as: find evidence of water, drill for samples, move Mars rocks, and communicate with NASA.

The students are asked to design the next rover, choose its specific tasks, and write the programming code they will use to test their mission. They are encouraged to modify, through trial and error, their robots and programming code until they accomplish their goals.  

Sparhawk School PreK & Kindergarten

Sparhawk School PreK and Kindergarten Program, Amesbury MA

Sparhawk's PreK & Kindergarten programs are designed to build a love & excitement for learning through academically strong experiential programming.  Children age four and five years learn by doing in a resource rich habitat designed especially for early elementary learners. Weekly curriculum includes integrated arts & music programming, math, science, literacy and Mandarin Chinese as their foreign language.

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