Dogtown is a collection of abandoned trails and roads located in the center of the peninsula that makes up Gloucester and Rockport.  It is accessible through many areas in both towns and is a great place to learn through exploration.  There are many trails in Dogtown, so a map is a must if you are not familiar with the area.  Maps are available at local visitor centers.  Dogtown was originally used by the early farmers  [circa 1700's] of Cape Ann, who quickly moved on once they realized the terrain was mostly rock and not good for farming.  Fishermen then moved into the area, only to abandon their home to move closer to the sea.  A few people stayed behind, mostly women, who kept dogs around for protection - hence the name"Dogtown".  While exploring dogtown one will find  the cellars and foundations of the long abandoned residences, as well asboulders inscribed by stonecutters with words like "Courage", "Industry", "Save", and "Help Mother".

Main acess points are off of Cherry Street in Gloucester and off of Nugent Stretch in Rockport.


Dogtown Nugent Stretch Entrance
Babson Museum Route 127
Rockport , MA

Coordinates: 42° 38' 19.626" N, 70° 38' 20.0724" W
Dogtown Commons
Gloucester , MA

Coordinates: 42° 38' 23.3916" N, 70° 39' 9.8388" W
Dogtown - Cherry Street Entrance
Cherry Street
Gloucester , MA

Coordinates: 42° 38' 1.86" N, 70° 40' 5.178" W