North Shore as Classroom

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Winter Homeschool for Ages 12 to 15

Tweens and Teens will explore the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary to learn wilderness skills on the North Shore Massachusetts!

Ipswich River's weekly homeschool classes promote an active engagement with nature through inquiry-based, hands-on environmental education. Join us as we explore the many different habitats provided by our nearly 2,000-acre sanctuary, and lay the foundation for a lifelong connection with nature. This season, we will focus on the survival skills that all animals (including humans) need to survive the harsh New England winter.

Discovering Nature Through Story, Music, and Art

Kids will explore the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary to connect with nature and learn about the creatures of the North Shore Massachusetts wilderness!

Preschoolers and young kids will explore the wonders of winter in the "enchanted woods" of Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in this four-session series. We'll begin in the Nature Center with story, poetry, and imagination. Next, we'll bundle up for a winter walk to awaken our sense of wonder to the silence, scents, and scenery of the sleeping winter woods. Along the way, discover how the trees, plants, birds, beavers, squirrels, chipmunks, and other wildlife spend the winter. We'll look for animal stories in the snow (tracking) and much more. After our walks, we'll create artwork that reflects the wonders of winter that we discovered, while listening to winter nature songs. These keepsakes will bring home winter's secrets and beauty as we await the signs of spring.

Sea Tots - Thursdays - Session II

Kids get a hands-on introduction to the marine sciences inthe Sea tots program!

Learn about New England's amazing marine life! Northeastern University Marine Science Center sessions for Sea Tots feature a particular animal or topic, with opportunities for kids to get up-close-and-personal with live critters.  Also included are hands-on games or crafts based on the week's topic.

Tuesdays from 9:30 - 10:30am
Thursdays 10:30 - noon
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