Coolidge Point Reservation

Coolidge Point Reservation is a nature reserve situated on a peninsula that's bordered by Magnolia Beach, Clark Pond and Black Beach in Manchester.

It's unique shape and relatively small area of 66 acres, in addition to it's variety of natural settings, make this a fun and exciting place to visit and explore. Be prepared to manage varied terrain including sandy beach, rocky outcrops, woodland, wetland and an open field that borders the open Atlantic ocean.  The teerain offers up many opportunities to view different type of plants and wildlife in the specific natural habitats.

A one-mile trail runs from the parking area to the top of Bungalow Hill, around Clarke Pond to Magnolia Beach, and to the Ocean Lawn. Easy walking, though moderate in places.


Coolidge Reservation
Coolidge Point
Manchester , MA

Coordinates: 42° 34' 27.7824" N, 70° 43' 37.812" W
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