Green's Hill

Green’s Hill provides a unique perspective on the City of Beverly with its extensive vista across the Bass River to downtown Beverly.  The property also provides habitat to several animal and plant species and offers the neighborhood and all residents of Beverly a wonderful urban oasis.  The City acquired this 12-acre parcel in 2001 with the help of state grant funds.  Green’s Hill Park compliments other open space in Beverly, creating a north-south greenbelt.

Green’s Hill can be traced back to 1677 when John Green became a lessee of the common lands at Ryal Side from the Town of Salem under a grant from the King of England.  From this beginning, the Green family acquired 100 acres of land stretching from Salt House Point on the Bass River extending northward to Elliott St.  John Green built a family home in a location approximately on Bridge St. opposite Winthrop Street.  The Green family subdivided the property to the heirs over the years while continuing to use much of the property for agriculture.  If you look hard enough, there are still remnants of stone walls built in colonial times separating fields and property boundaries.  The Green family burial plot is still preserved in the back corner of the playground and is adjacent to one of these old stone walls.


Green's Hill
40 Rear Wolland Avenue
Adjacent to Ayers Ryal Side Elementary School
Beverly, MA
Coordinates: 42° 33' 7.7328" N, 70° 53' 19.3884" W

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