Follow Footsteps--Animals and a Hermit!

From 1884 – 1917, Mason A. Walton lived a hermit's life in Ravenswood Park

Adventures in Animal Tracking at Ravenswood Park--just like our Hermit did, over 100 years ago!  From 1884 to 1917, Mason Walton lived as a "hermit" in Ravenswood.  He closely observed, wrote, and drew about wildlife and animal behaviors.  He published a book in 1903.  We will walk the hermit's footsteps, share tales from his book, and along the way we will closely observe wildlife signs and determine animal behavior. A Hermit's Wild Friends, only available used from Amazon: A Hermit's Wild Friends; Or, Eighteen Years in the Woods or check it out from the Sawyer Free Library.

Special Instructions: Some terrain has roots and rocks exposed, but most is gravelly and easily traveled. Please wear walking shoes.

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Friday, April 25, 2014 1-3pm
TTOR Members: Adult: $9; Child: FREE
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