Lowe's Want to Give $5k to Your Kid's School!

Lowe's Toolbox for Education is a grant program for public schools

Could the school your child attends use $5000? This year, Lowe's is looking to give out $5,000,000 in grants to 1000 public schools and public school pta groups in the United States and they want to hear from you to see if your child's school is eligible!  In minutes you can fill out a grant application and submit it for review. The Spring 2013 cycle is now open. The deadline for submitting applications for this grant cycle is February 15, 2013 5pm EST. However, if 1500 applications are received before the application deadline, then the application process will close.

Application is pretty easy:

  • Download and review the pre-application checklist
  • Confirm your school is listed in the Lowe's database
  • Describe a project that can be completed using grant funds
  • Submit your application

So discuss this with your PTA group and get your application together ASAP.  The sooner you apply, the better chance you have of getting in under the maximum application limit of 1500!