Waldorf Early Childhood Friendraiser

CAWS Cape Ann Waldorf School Beverly MA

Young children explore and learn about their world with an intensity that is unsurpassed at any other stage of life. Children yearn to touch, taste, see, hear and engage with everything in their environment. These early experiences of the world are critical for healthy intellectual, social-emotional, and physical development.

Teachers focus on imaginative play, both indoors and outdoors, singing, storytelling and a consistent daily rhythm of practical, artistic and imaginative activities using natural materials. Play is a cornerstone of learning in the Early childhood and the basis for building physical coordination, brain neurology, imagination, creativity, sensory integration, and skill in problem solving and social resilience and confidence. These early years form a solid and everlasting foundation for lighting a spark for learning and becoming a happy, healthy, and engaged individual in the world.

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Friends can call 978-927-1936 for a visit to our Parent & Child, Nursery or the Kindergarten at Cape Ann Waldorf School.