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Family Owl Prowl at IRWS

The Family Owl Prowl at Ipswich River Sanctuary is bound to be a good time!

People of all ages enjoy learning about owls, and many species of owls can be found in Massachusetts year-round. Come experience the excitement of an owl prowl as we take a night hike to look and listen for barred, great horned, and eastern screech-owls. Before we head out on our nocturnal adventure, we'll learn fun owl facts in our cozy Barn through hands-on activities and a slide show. We'll end our evening with an owl-hooting lesson!

Saturday, March 18, 2017 7-9 pm

February Vacation Activities at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Sign up for one or all days of February Vacation Activities at IRWS in Topsfield

Winter is an exciting time for outdoor discovery. The Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary has put together four days of hands-on, interactive, age-appropriate activities to explore the natural world in Winter. Kids will hone their  observation skills as they locate and learn about winter animals and tap a sugar maple tree to make syrup.

Flapjack Fling & Sugaring Tours

The February Flapjack Fling isn't about pancakes, it's about the syrup!

The Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary wraps up the maple sugaring season this year with our the annual Flapjack Fling. Bring your family and friends for this special breakfast at the sanctuary and enjoy the fruit (OK, sap!) of our labor and our maple trees on some delicious pancakes.

Saturday, March 18, 2017 8:15 am - 12:15 pm

Adventure Days: Awesome Owls

Look for Owls at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary during the day and learn about their habitat and feeding.

Have you ever walked through the woods looking for owls during the day? Owls are most active at night, of course, but if you know what to look for you can find their daytime roosts. Together we'll discover what our local owls look like, what they eat, and what they sound like. As a special activity, everyone will help to dissect an owl pellet.

Friday, February 24, 2017 8:30am - 3pm

Adventure Days: Winter Homes

Build igloos and learn how to find winter ohme for animals at IRWS's workshop

Can you imagine living outside through the entire winter? We'll explore the woodlands, wetlands, and field edges for nests, cavities, burrows, dens, and lodges to discover how birds, mammals, and insects find homes in this challenging season. We'll build an igloo or shelter and see how warm it can be inside.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 8:30am - 3pm

Adventure Days: Maple Sugaring

Learn how to harvest Maple Sap and convert it to Maple Syrup at IRWS!

Today we'll learn about one of nature's tastiest treats: maple syrup. We'll discover how to distinguish a sugar maple from all the other trees in the forest and tap one to collect the sap. After a visit to the sugarhouse, we'll know how sap is converted into syrup and try some on our very own pancakes. We'll see who can tell the difference between store-bought syrup and the real stuff!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:30am - 3pm

Pre-K Owl Prowl

Preschoolers will learn all about owls at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary during this owl prowl designed just for them!

The folks at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary have created an owling expedition just for kids aged 3-6! In the barn, kids will learn about owls and how they live through hands on activities. Then we'll head outside into the fading light of the sanctuary and practice our owl calls - hopefully prompting a response.  After the adventure is over, we'll meet back in the barn for a cup of hot chocolate and cookies!

Friday, February 3, 2017 4-6 pm

Sense of Wonder Walk: Red Fox and Friends

Sense of Wonder Walk: Red Fox and Friends at IRWS. Image of Public Domain painting by Wilhelm Kuhnert

The red fox is a clever and attractive mammal that is active during winter, stalking rabbits, mice, meadow voles, and birds. We will read Fox's Dream by Keizabur Tejima. Then we will wander along the trails to look for tracks or signs left by foxes and other mammals. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to track the red fox back to its den.

Sunday, February 12, 2017 1:30-3pm


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