Crescent Farm Corn Maze

Crescent Farm corn maze in Haverhill Massachusetts

Imagine the biggest puzzle you’ve ever seen. Now imagine a day in the sunshine with your friends or family. Now add an adventure that takes teamwork and memory skills. All these things and more can be found at Crescent Farms Corn Maze. Crescent Farm Corn Maze trails cut into 9 acres of corn. Inside the tall field of corn, we have cut several walking paths, creating a Maze with only one way in and one way out. Visitors can enjoy getting lost in the maze’s twisting turns and dead ends trap!

  • Maze Weekdays 12-9pm
  • Maze Weekends 9am-9pm
  • Starlight Maze 7-9pm ( need flashlights)

A Starlight Maze is just the Maze beneath the stars. Each Maze visitor is required to have their own flashlight to help navigate the twists and turns of the maze.

Wednesday - Friday September 13-October 31, 2017 Noon-9pm
Weekends through October 31, 2017 9am-9pm
Starlight Maze nightly 7-9pm