Rockport New Year's Eve 2015

Come to Rockport for a wonderful night a family New Year's Activities!

Rockport New Year's Eve will have plenty of fun and entertainment for families starting at 6 pm and running all the way through to the count down and ball drop in Dock Square at midnight! There will be magicians, puppet shows, and even a drum parade with a green dancing dragon.  This all happens with a backdrop live performances of dance & music ranging from classical music, jazz, reggae and rock & roll! So buy your buttons, come to Rockport, and get ready for a fun evening to ring in the New Year as a family!

As well as beinbg available online, buttons are available at:

    • Bean & Leaf Cafe, 12 Bearskin Neck
    • John Tarr Store, Main Street
    • Rite Aid Pharmacy, Whistlestop Mall
    • Smith Hardware & Lumber, at the Lumber Desk,  3 Station Sq.
    • Toad Hall Bookstore, Main Street
    • Building Center, Harbor Loop
    • Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Street
    • Common Crow, Eastern Avenue
    • House of Raven, Main Street
    • Wally's Blackburn Bistro, Blackburn Center
Thursday, December 31, 2015 6:00pm-Midnight
Adult Buttons: $15
Youth Button: $12.50
Children under 3: Free