Winter Hiking 101

The Essex County Greenbelt Association invites you to an information session on Winter hiking!  Have you ever dreamed of having no boulders or tree roots to trip over when walking a Greenbelt property?   All the wet areas magically gone?  No bugs to battle?   Deep intense blue skies?   This is the beauty of walking in winter time.   There is nothing better than to enjoy a New England winter day on the trails.

This classroom instruction will be followed by a seasonal hike. Participants will review the various types of footwear, traction devices, and snowshoes that will keep you safe on icy and snowy surfaces.  We will take a look into a small backpack that you might want to carry for a local walk and maybe a bigger one that will take you into the Whites.   

Then we will take to the trails of the Cox Reservation... let’s hope for snow!

Sunday, December 18, 2016 1-3pm