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Tidepool Explorers at Halibut Point

The Tidepools at Halibut Point State Park are some of the best in New England!

Halibut Point State Park invites families to join them on a tide pool adventure! Halibut Point contains some of the best tide pools in New England. Join the Interpreter for a trip down to the rocky shore for some inter-tidal exploration. Learn about these interesting creatures living in a unique transitional environment. Meet at the Visitors Center in the park. For all ages. Rain or shine, pouring rain cancels.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 10-11am
Wednesday, August 2, 2017 2-3pm

Family Comedy at RFM

See Ventriloquist Al Getler at the Rockport Farmers Market

Ventriloquist Al Getler will put on a free show at the June 26 Rockport Farmers' Market! Come enjoy a fun family friendly performance in quinessential New England setting! “At the core, I am a family entertainer. I love seeing both kids and their parents laugh together. In the end, everyone walks away from a live show a bit happier,” said Getler.

Saturday, July 26, 2014 11:30am

Maeve 1850

Join a living historian presentation in Rockport Massachsuetts

Join living historian Maeve, an Irish immigrant who fled Ireland during the potato famine and settled in America for an afternoon of tales, history and myth! At the 1:00 p.m. performance Maeve will be entertaining the children with stories of life in Ireland and her immigration experience. She will be reading an Immigrants Tale- a storybook- for the younger members of her audience.

Saturday, July 19, 2014 1pm & 3pm

Stratigraphy at Halibut Point

Halibut Point State Park hosts a program on Stratigraphy, the branch of geology concerned with the order and relative position of strata and their relationship to the geological time scale. In Stratigraphy at Halibut Point visitors explore some of Halibut’s soil/bedrock contact points and explore the story of time that they tell.

Mondays, July 7-28, 2014 1-2pm

Reading the Granite Landscape

Find out the story behind the granite at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport!

Halibut Point State Park is also a granite quarry with a history that goes back billions of years! A rock is not a thing but a drama, it can teach us about the great unifying science and the unique geology of Cape Ann. Rocks can tell us a lot about how the landscape was formed and the geology of Cape Ann tells us great stories, all visible at Halibut Point. Meet at the Visitors Center in the park. For all ages. Rain or shine, pouring rain cancels.

Mondays, September 4-18, 2017 10-11am

Instrument Drive to Create an Instrument Closet

Help provide instruments to kids who love music but can't afford the instrument

There's something about music that speaks to us. It changes our lives in ways nothing else can. Around 4th grade, it is customary for Rockport Schools to hold an instrument trial day. Some students instantly fall in love with an instrument, but then financials come into play when trying to get the child that instrument. The reality is that some families can't afford to pay the expense for the instrument.

Sunday, June 29, 2014 1-4pm

The Bohemian Quartet at Rockport Music

The Bohemian Quartet will perform a FREE concert at Shalin Liu Center Rockport

Rockport Music invites you to a FREE concert at their Shalin Liu Performance Center! The Bohemian Quartet was formed in 2005 by violinist and conductor Stan Renard with the idea of preserving the tradition, and indulging in the virtuosic playing style, of Romany, or “Gypsy” music, along with related Eastern European folk styles. Together they have made a commitment to the genre, and continuously aspire to perform it with both reverence and adventure. The group has a passion for the deep-rooted authenticity of the Romany tradition, as well as the ability to play this historic repertoire with extraordinary joie de vivre.

Saturday, July 12, 2014 10am

Inkas Wasi at Rockport Music

Explore the music and dance of the culturally rich Andes in Rockport Massachus!

Rockport Music invites you to a FREE concert at their Shalin Liu Performance Center! Explore the music and dance of the culturally rich Andes!  The musicians of Inkas Wasi will perform traditional Andean music and demonstrate the instruments such as the chakchas, palo de lluvia, siku, quena and charango.  Inkas Wasi has provided concerts and educational programs to over 100 schools across the United State and is an active member of the New England Foundation of the Arts, The Maine Arts Commission, National Flute Association, North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance, among many more.  Free, no tickets required.

Saturday, June 14, 2014 10am


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