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Ipswich, Massachusetts 01938

Special Sundays at Ipswich Museum

Ipswich Museum hosts a day of fun family events and activities on Sundays!

Join the Ipswich Museum on Sundays for a day of family oriented activities and events. Each Special Sunday includes a guest photographer, guest senior, storytelling, treasure hunt and more.  First floor rooms open for viewing.  First Sunday of month free to Ipswich residents.  FREE to members and children!

Sundays through March 25, 2012 2-4 pm

Owl Moon at Appleton Farms

Jane Yolen's Owl Moon is a Wonderful Read

Discover things that go "who, who, whooooo" under the light of the moon. As we prepare to go out calling for great horned owls, we'll read aloud Jane Yolen's book Owl Moon , an  award winning book about a father and daughter's journey in the winter night on a search for the great horned owl. Together, we'll learn about owls' special features, from silent flight to feathered feet, with a live owl presentation and Q&A with a specialist from The Center for Wildlife in York, Maine.

January 10, 2012 5:30-7PM

Animal Treasure Hunt Fundraiser

Kids will have a blast at this treasure hunt and fund raiser!

Join us in a treasure hunt for animals in the Great House museum rooms. Participants will receive a small gift and be entered into a drawing for special prizes! There will be more fun with animal crafts and displays. Proceeds will equally benefit the Ipswich Humane Group and The Trustees of Reservations.

Saturday, November 12, 2011 noon - 4pm

Appleton Farms to Start Selling Milk to the Public!

Appleton Farms' grass fed dairy herd produces the finest milk available locally.

You just can't beat a cold bottle of milk from the local farm! Appleton Farms announced today that they have broken ground for a retail shop at the farm where they will sell milk and other dairy products from their grass fed Jersey Cows!   This is a big step for Appleton Farms and is a huge opportunity for North Shore families who are looking for locally produced food. 


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